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About us

How it all started

Health and nutrition play a big role for Gennadi. He loves to cook fresh and healthy. But whether you are studying or working, at some point you reach your time limit and have no time in between to take something healthy.

It had to be something that can not only be prepared quickly and as uncomplicated as possible but also provides 100 % of all nutrients.

Thus, the idea for TRINKKOST was born! Since the first hour of TRINKKOST, it has been clear to dispense with all chemical additives and to use only natural ingredients. Therefore, there are no preservatives or „vitamin tablets“ in TRINKKOST.

To bring out the best possible taste, Gennadi needed help. Luckily, soon he met the chemist Timon through a mutual friend.

Timon is so passionate about the interaction of different molecules that it is not only the topic of his dissertation, but he has developed the TRINKKOST recipe in such a way that the shake has a really good taste and consistency without any chemistry: TRINKKOST only has to be mixed with a bit of water and shaken well to get a nutritious food-shake. And it not only saturates but provides the body with 100% complete nutrition – according to the recommendation of the German Nutrition Society. The feedback from our customers has shown us that not only people want to have 100% of complete nutrition, but are also interested in losing a few pounds or build muscle mass. That’s why we have broadened our product range to SLIM, as a diet shake and ACTIVE as a protein shake.

Healthy food for everyone

Learn more about our mission and principles

TRINKKOST allows and supports a sustainable, healthy lifestyle with functional, 100% natural organic products. All raw materials in TRINKKOST products come from organic cultivation. If possible, work is done with regional producers and wholesalers. Since TRINKKOST products are powdber based, they are very light and long lasting without refrigeration.
Our sophisticated formula combines the best qualities of up to 22 different ingredients, such as ground organic fruits, vegetables, power foods, special seeds, and algae. Adding water turns the dry mix into a delicious and nutritious shake, that covers 100% complete nutrition! Depending on your current challenges & goals, the product line provides different benefits:

Have you ever skipped a meal because you were too busy? Or are you just lazy to cook something? Or  looking for healthier and more sustainable alternative than a cheese sandwich? Then COMPLETE is just right for you! Whether for breakfast, lunch or in between: as a balanced drinking meal, it provides you with 100% complete nutrition.

Ever tried a diet to lose some weight with a diet product and got with it till the end? Congratulations, then you are one of the few people who have really made it through a multi-week diet cure! Our surveys show that most people quit because they just cannot stand the taste of the diet powder anymore. The fact that all shakes are also pumped with synthetic vitamins and additives does not help either.
With SLIM, we have developed the world’s first organic diet shake (in accordance to German regulation 96/8 / EG), which does not require any synthetic vitamins or harmful ingredients (such as palm oil or soy protein). And it also tastes good!
We give you a taste guarantee! If you do not like the shake, write us a short mail and we will refund the product without any ifs or buts.

And then there is ACTIVE. Granted, there are much protein shakes on the market but none with natural vitamins. With ACTIVE we have created a protein shake that provides you not only with organic proteins but also with 26 vitamins & minerals from organic ingredients and by that supports you both during muscle building and in the regeneration phase.

The founders


Gennadi Schechtmann

Managing Director and Product Development

For Gennadi, a balanced lifestyle and sport are part of everyday life. He likes to cook fresh and healthy, but that does not mean that chocolate and sweets cannot be on the menu.

From his medical education, he brings know-how in the selection of the right ingredients, so that TRINKKOST gives you everything you need!

Gennadi likes to take TRINKKOST in the morning as a breakfast substitute, or in the afternoon instead of the usual chocolate bar. Especially during intensive periods, he does not have to eat fast food anymore. Instead, COMPLETE takes the hunger away and gives him all nutrition.


Timon Ortloff

Managing Director, Recipe Development and QA

Timon is an avid scientist and loves to explore new things. For you he has developed the recipe that makes TRINKKOST so unique in taste!

Like his cats, Timon likes to be active at night. In order to have more time to sleep in the morning, he likes to drink TRINKKOST as a breakfast substitute. He also enjoys making music, and always has a small supply of drinking food for himself and his bandmates, if there is not anything good to eat at the venue.