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BIO Diet Shake Mega Deal 2 x 500g tin + free trial package

2x 500g tin Slim BIO diet shake + test package
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We believe in good humour. That's why the Greek deity Dionysus was the model for our logo. Because we are convinced that a conscious diet is the best prerequisite for our well-being. With our BIO diet shakes we want to give everyone this feeling. Good mood is contagious!

Try the BIO Diet Shake - losing weight can be so delicious!

Take the diet shake test! Try Drinking Food SLIM, the world's first organic certified diet shake that also contains no soy, added sugar or sweeteners*. In addition to the two cans for the first week of your diet, you will receive three bottles of Drinking Food for free. Including Active - with extra protein, supporting muscle building. In the social networks our customers* tell us about their experiences with the diet shakes - share yours with us!

*Ingredients like fruit, vegetables and milk naturally contain sugar.

Reach your desired weight

Free of synthetic vitamins

Fruit, nuts and vegetables in raw vegetable quality

Delicious fruit taste

with crunchy nut pieces to chew on

100% BIO and without preservatives

Known from

Diet shake to lose weight - developed by a doctor

Mr Schechtmann answers questions

Why can't diet shakes just taste delicious and slimming be easy? That's exactly what we asked ourselves and developed a delicious biological shake. Because we are convinced that nutrition is an important building block for your well-being in addition to sport and sufficient sleep. Our diet powder contains 26 vitamins and minerals in natural form as well as proteins from milk, psyllium, walnuts, hemp protein, pea protein, linseed and oats. It is one of the few diet shakes without soy, which does not require any addition of milk or oil. Apples, strawberries, bananas and lemon peel provide the fruity taste. A portion of drinking food provides 276 calories from less than 30 grams of carbohydrates and covers your daily protein requirement of 36 percent. The shake contains only 9.2 grams of fat. Because fat is not only important for consistency and taste, but also for a healthy cardiovascular system. Drinking food provides two thirds of unsaturated fats, including valuable omega-3 fatty acids from walnuts and sunflower seeds. The sugar in the diet shake is exclusively natural fructose and lactose from fruit, vegetables and whole milk powder.

Test our diet shakes now! You can get a diet plan with delicious supplementary recipes with our Good Resolutions Deal. The two founders, physician Gennadi Schechtmann and natural scientist Timon Ortloff, developed TRINKKOST together. Do you have questions about the product or company? Then write Gennadi Schechtmann gladly to support@trinkkost.de.

Gennadi Schechtmann | Managing Director

Slimming with concept


Thousands of customers confirm our concept:
First lose weight, then hold on to your weight.

Don't give the yo-yo effect a chance.

1. slimming with TRINKKOST SLIM (1.-3. week)

Replacing two of the daily meals in a low-calorie diet with one of these meal replacements contributes to weight loss.

Morning and evening TRINKKOST SLIM Fruity
a low-calorie meal at lunchtime (300 to 600 calories)

2. keep weight with TRINKKOST SLIM (from the 4th week)

Replacing one of the daily meals as part of a low-calorie diet with such a meal replacement helps to maintain weight after weight loss.

Once daily TRINKKOST SLIM Fruity
A low-calorie meal twice daily

Diet Shake - Which one tastes good?

Delicious diet shakes at last: TRINKKOST SLIM Fruity, Choco and Vanilla combine the best properties from over 25 ground natural ingredients such as apples, bananas, strawberries, walnuts, oats as well as superfoods such as chlorella, psyllium husks and organic whey protein from grazing cows. The shake dissolves well and has a pleasant consistency. With nut pieces to chew.

TRINKKOST diet shake available in your pharmacy

Diet Shake Experiences

Kathrin from Bonn
"I've tried a few drinking diets before, the most common being a lack of taste. This shake is very different. It tastes totally fruity, really delicious with berries. While with the usual shakes after 2.5 hours the hunger is there again, it holds here quite 4 or more hours. I can recommend it to anyone who simply doesn't want a shake with an artificial taste, but rather something in the direction of healthy muesli to drink."
Tatjana from Munich
"Looking for a shake to change my diet, I found many floury, artificial powders. Compared to these other alternatives, the shake from Drink Food is really good. Little sweetness, fruity and especially I like the nut pieces. I have chosen the variant "slow weight loss with 1x meal replacement per day" and have already lost more than 5 kg. I still like to enjoy good food!
So the shake is my daily breakfast."

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FAQ - Sparkling answers to burning questions

What ingredients does SLIM Fruity consist of?

Ingredients SLIM Fruity: Hydrolysed oat flour*, whole milk powder*, pea protein*, sunflower seed flour*, apple powder*, agave syrup powder*, ground walnut*, banana powder*, rose hip powder*, linseed meal*, natural flavouring, inulin*, hemp protein powder*, carrot powder*, strawberry powder1, Beetroot powder*, ground psyllium husk*, gum arabic, salt, spinach powder*, lemon peel powder*, chlorella*, brown algae powder (kelp)*, mushroom powder (Agaricus bisporus)*, amlae extract*, guava extract*, basil extract*, curry leaf extract*, lemon peel extract*.

*From controlled organic cultivation.

May contain traces of other nuts.

What is SLIM Fruity Drinking Food ?

Drinking food SLIM Fruity is the first diet powder in healthy organic quality. As part of a calorie-reduced diet, one serving can replace a meal and thus help you to achieve your desired weight. In the elaborate recipe, we have combined real ground foods such as vegetables, nuts, fruit and "superfoods" to ensure that all important nutrients are contained. The mixture of over 25 organic ingredients makes our product the first diet powder that can do completely without synthetic vitamins. Drinking food, for example, was convincing in the competition in the medical industry 2016 and came in 2nd place. One SLIM Fruity meal yields 330 millilitres, has less than 300 kilocalories and is satiated by protein and swelling dietary fibres.

Why did you develop SLIM Fruity drinking food?

Already in our studies of medicine and chemistry we learned that synthetic vitamins are fundamentally different from natural vitamins that you take in with fruits and vegetables. The body can recognize and differentiate between them. Studies even show that synthetic vitamins are not only unhealthy, but also have been shown to significantly increase the risk of various types of cancer. So why take cheap synthetic vitamins if there is another way? We wondered why there was no biological dietary powder available in pharmacies until now. During our research on the Internet, the penny dropped: it is very complicated and expensive to produce a biological diet powder, because you cannot fall back on the use of cheap vitamin powders. You only have to work with high-quality, nutrient-rich foods to get the high nutrient density. The other shortcoming was the taste. We wanted to know whether the diet shakes in the pharmacies at least taste delicious, as you have to eat them for weeks on end. And again we were surprised. What kind of torture must one endure to lose a few kilos? Was what one gets offered in the pharmacy already the taste highlight? So we got to the bottom of it. To break with conventions, we had to go a completely new way. After two years of research and development, countless discussions with university professors and nutritionists, the mixture was clear. We fine-tuned it with the help of cooks. And the result is: Drinking Food SLIM.

How can I lose weight with SLIM Fruity?

Losing weight with SLIM Fruity only works within the framework of a calorie-reduced diet. In addition, sporting activity is elementary. Without the advice of your doctor you should not consume SLIM Fruity drinking food for more than three weeks.

In order to comply with the legal requirements, we also have to advise you, just like any other diet shake manufacturer (it should ...), of the following information:

Replacing two of the daily meals with drinkable food SLIM products only fulfils the purpose of weight reduction in the context of a low-calorie diet. Other foods must be part of the diet. Our shakes are not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, but part of it. Dietary products should not be taken for more than three weeks without medical advice. People who are physically demanding have an increased protein requirement and 2-5 tablespoons of SLIM FRUITY help to cover part of this. We recommend an additional two to three litres of water or unsweetened tea daily. In order to maintain weight after the diet, a permanent change in eating habits is a prerequisite.

What does SLIM Fruity taste like?

Drinkable food SLIM Fruity tastes a little like a smoothie, only less sweet and also convinces with an oat and nutty note. We have invested a lot of time in the optimal composition of the ingredients to provide you with all the nutrients and an optimal taste experience! We work together with experienced chefs to further develop our products. Over a hundred five-star ratings on Trusted Shops and Amazon confirm that our customers* have come to appreciate the taste.

Can I combine drinking food with other dietary powders?

Yes, both the combination with other diet shakes, as well as a change from another diet powder to drinkable food are possible.

How long can drinking food last?

Drinkable food can be stored as powder for twelve months without refrigeration.

Customers award 5 stars

Over 100 top ratings on Trusted Shops and Amazon

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